Retrouvez tous nos séjours Kitesurf et leurs prix. Your booking guarantees availability of the equipment even if you need to change it several times a day. Relax and enjoy breathtaking experiences in South Morocco.123, A kitesurfing oasis in the middle of the desert. Nonetheless, we recommend wearing neoprene shoes, since bits of shell are hidden at various points along the beach. The wind is a few knots lighter on the ocean compared to the lagoon and is very gusty inside of the bay. At low tide, this area is partially dry and it’s just a few metres to the water’s edge. Hi. So I wouldn’t recommend it for those months for kiting, but surfing for sure 😉. Through a combined focus on fun, adventure, culture, and of course kiteboarding, we are confident you will find the vacation you’ve been searching for with Pro-kite Morocco. Dakhla is a peninsula in the south of Morocco, in Western Sahara. At Oum Lamboiur you have waves and choppy water (pretty gusty wind though) – which was also where the GKA tour stop took place in 2017. The spot on the site allows intermediate and advanced levels to progress in waves, to make kitesurf in Morocco otherwise. A trip you don’t want to miss. 73000 Dakhla. Dakhla Kitesurf World School. Dakhla Club Hotel & Spa – Kitesurf Camp : Point de Dragon PK 28. They have a kitesurf and surf school as well, so you can practice both. We c, Merry Christmas 🎄 Despite all the madness we co, Sometimes when you lose your way, you find yoursel. in Dakhla Attitude), going to Dakhla town (although there is not too much to see but nice to soak up the atmosphere). DAKHLA ATTITUDE INFO Dakhla Attitude 11 Avenue al Moukawama, BP41 Oued Eddahab Dakhla – MOROCCO PHONE BOOKING: +212 661 835 010 / +212 537 855 674 PHONE RECEPTION: +212 672 285 009 RECEPTION: BOOKING: I’d recommend going to the lagoon if you’re learning kiting, since the conditions are ideal there for beginners. Your email address will not be published. There are a million reasons to visit Dakhla, Morocco. With such a choice of kitesurf spots, we will take you every day to the best place to learn kitesurfing in a friendly and safe atmosphere. And yet my feelings when looki, A glimpse into my life the last days 😂⠀⠀⠀, „You don‘t know what you‘ve got until it‘s, "We do not need magic to transform our world. Kitesurf Surf Windsurf Join us in Dakhla Morocco. Each bungalow looks like a small private house. It is the ideal Kitesurfing spot for those who just want to relax while learning or improving their skills as well as exploring stunning sceneries nearby. For this reason, the water in the lagoon is also influenced by the tides: At high tide, you have a standing range that extends up to 300 m all around the lagoon. Ocean Vagabond Lagoon is a boutique camp which is about great food, good conversation and relaxation. If you want to stay at the wave spot in a more pricey but beautiful ecolodge, then Westpoint is your hotel of choice. In Dakhla town you can find some cafes and restaurants, street food (meat sticks, Arabic bread, peeled cactus fruit, fresh juices) or buy your own veggies, nuts and if you feel homesick a selection of good German/Swiss chocolate on the market, souk and in the streets of Dakhla. Stage de Surf/Kitesurf UCPA, Mars 2012. The Dakhla peninsula (40km long and 4km wide) is perfect for beginners, more advanced kitesurfers and real professionals looking for totally flat water. Check out all the other spot guides or the post on the ultimate kitesurf adventures. Also, is everything all inclusive? The reviews say it all spot reviews. The hotel is located on the Dakhla lagoon, 100 metres from the shore between the ocean and the desert. Dakhla, Morocco. All the hotels/hostels are all inclusive there since there are no restaurants around. Dakhla Spirit Camp have the best location in the lagoon, with easy access to the water. When you ride a bit out of the bay it gets more stable but still feels gustier than the lagoon. Let's live an unforgettable kitesurf experience with the DKP team. Everything, really everything, comes with a price. Bristol. Wind statistics in Nov/Dec don’t look that good…would you still recommend going there at that period? Simo Mansouri is an IKO (International Kiteboarding Organization) certificated level 3 instructor. Welcome to KBC Dakhla, your new kitesurfing club in Morocco, in the heart of Dakhla’s very best kitesurfing spots. July and August have over 90 percent wind chance but those months the wind will also be a bit more gusty. They guarantee the standard of quality at Dakhla which has forged the reputation of the KBC. October is the best month if you want to go Kitesurfing at the wave spot Oum Lamboiur. resource list with all the tips, links and apps I use on my kitesurf travels, the best way to pack and travel with kite luggage, Jan Marcos Riveras: Interview with the strapless pro-kitesurfer in Dakhla, 2017, Kitesurf in Kos, Greece: Spot Guide to the windiest spot of the island – Psalidi, Fuller figured female fights to fly – Interview with the inspiring Maddie, 10 kitesurfing myths that stop you from learning it, Kitesurf in Western Australia: 10 Reasons why it belongs to the top of your bucket list, Spot guide Venezuela: kitesurf the uncrowded flatwater playground, Kitesurf Tarifa, Spain: spot guide to Europe’s kite capital, Yoga, Massages (depending on hotel, there is some e.g. Our innovative spirit allowed developing Downwinds and trips to all corners of the region from Essaouira to Dakhla. The area of Dakhla is famous for its perfect wind for learning kitesurfing, with splendid beaches and with more than 300 days of sunshine a year. You can also get your own SIM card with mobile internet as a backup in Dakhla town, a Sim Card is around 5 Euros and 1GB of data around 1 Euro. Imprint / Impressum, General Infos (Wind, Water Temperature and Water Condition), Everything changed. Our hotel is an ideal destination for spending a summer vacation in Dakhla … Through a combined focus on fun, adventure, culture, and of course kiteboarding, we are confident you will find the vacation you’ve been searching for with Pro-kite Morocco. Long Wetsuit throughout the year, in the summer you can go with a long wetsuit or shorty. So many places to kite. Westpoint had a really good internet connection although I don’t know if it was only during the GKA world cup ? Internet in Dakhla Attitude was a bit unstable so not really reliable. There is a variety of restaurants or markets if you want to buy your own food to cook independently. This place has been in the spotlight over the last couple of years due to hosting the previous VKWC world cup and upcoming WKC, and for a good reason. Especially with lower tide you can catch some nice waves. At low tide, this strip is somewhat reduced, but can still be used thanks to the 1 km latitude to the windward side. Kitesurfing in Dakhla, Morocco, a 45-kilometer lagoon which seems endless and is known to be the freestyle heaven, has been up on my personal kitesurf bucket list for quite some time. The only direct flight for Europe is starting from autumn 2017 with transavia from Paris Orly with prices starting at 69 Euros one way (without luggage) plus 44 Euros fee each way for kitesurf luggage (so add 88 Euros in total for sports luggage). Cheap and cheerful, you know? Kitefoil enthusiasts will also find perfect conditions here to practise their sport. Pro-kite Morocco is an organization dedicated to exceeding the expectations of your next Moroccan kiteboarding vacation. Once you’re at the spot there is quite a lot of kitesurfers, some of them also solo-traveling so you’ll easily meet people. At the Speed Spot you have butterfat water with low tide. Aloha, I'm Miriam – travel-addicted wind chaser from Germany, digital nomad and graphic designer, working from anywhere the wind blows and wifi works. Not to mention that it has perfect freestyle flat-water spots as well as some seriously great s… learn more. The north-east trade winds blow sideshore from the right and are further accelerated by the mountains in the interior, because the wind is funnelled through them. And as so often, that new spot exceeded my expectations: tons of space, flatwater, wind every day (we stayed there in July), kitesurfing all day every day (a classic eat, kite, sleep repeat) while being surrounded by the charm of the Western Sahara.Â, + very high wind chance year round + huge lagoon with lots of space + all-level spot ideal for beginners and advanced + flatwater for freestylers, wave spot Oum Lamboiur close by (30 min. Our kitesurfing school offers all … The wind blows from around 10am and usually gets stronger during the day, picking up around 2 pm. As a result, it’s almost constantly windy here – an average of 320 days at around 15-22 knots. Dakhla is a small town about 1000 km south of Essaouira, situated on a 48 km long and 4 km wide peninsula that stretches into the Atlantic Ocean and forms a huge lagoon. If you want butterflat water the Speed Spot a.k.a. Skip navigation Sign in. Dakhla, Morocco. Unlimited hours of kiting, surfing and yoga with in the lagoon and the ocean. It’s where I want to come back every winter. All the hotels offer food included with accommodation and you’re pretty much limited to the food you have in your hotel – unless you drive to town. The resort has an excellent team of VDWS-certified instructors. To continue, you must confirm that you agree with the use of cookies, which means: You can change your cookie setting here anytime: Privacy Statement. Rejoignez-nous à Dakhla et vivez l’expérience unique d’un séjour de coaching de kitesurf de 7 nuits et 6 jours sur l’un des meilleurs spots au monde ! The trade winds that travel between the Canaries and Cape Verde during the summer and winter sweep over Dakhla throughout the year. Dakhla Evasion n’a cessé d’évoluer depuis sa création il y a 8 ans et a su s’imposer dans le monde du Kitesurf grâce à leur besoin d’avancer et d’aller de l’avant. But as far as I saw most hotels aren’t really far from the lagoon (at least with high tide), so it’s only a short walk. ION CLUB: [email protected] certifications If you want more insight on how everyday life in Dakhla really is (and if it’s worth flying there all the way from the US), check out this detailed spot review on iksurfmag. The instructional program starts with kiting on land; you’ll experience flying a kite while being introduced to inflatable kites and how the bar and safety systems work as well as keys concepts such as the … Dakhla is an absolute wind sensation and brings us fantastic winds all year round! If you’re staying at Westpoint, at the wave spot Oum Lamboiur, you can walk down to the beach and check if a taxi is driving by or one of the locals is taking you. Hi Tommy, I haven’t been there in Nov/Dec, I think it’s not the best wind but as always you can be lucky and have some wind or not have luck at all and be left without wind. In the evening it goes down again but basically you usually have the full day to kite if the wind is good. Photo Credit: Rasa Iselionyte for Westpoint Dakhla. Great spot for learning kitesurfing since the lagoon is huge, you have lots of space, it has flatwater and you have a big standing area at the beginning. Since your airport transfer is usually arranged with your accomodation, it is super safe for you even if you travel alone as a girl. All the top F-ONE equipment is directly available at the kitesurfing resort, on the beach. Contact us: +34 - 669 261 678 Les statistiques de vent à Dakhla sont absolument affolantes et vous garantissent de passer un extraordinaire séjour kitesurf en plein Sahara, dans le grand sud du sud Maroc.Les amoureux de kitesurf ne s'y trompent pas, ils sont des milliers chaque année à faire le trip jusqu'à Dakhla pour leurs vacances.. Mathieu Johnsson. Never a dull moment. Ocean Vagabond Dakhla Lagoon. ... Maroc Dakhla 2013 - auberge des nomades - kitesurf - Duration: 17:02. Dakhla For Stars is a Hotel and a Kite-surf Club that opened in July 2018. It’s around 15 min from the airport. Dakhla is all about eat, kite, sleep repeat (similar to Kaplitya in Sri Lanka or Hamata in Egypt). Morocco; Hotline: +212 6 61 14 79 95 I +212 6 61 80 72 93; DAKHLA KITESURF PLANET. I also met some people who rented a car in Dakhla town to get around to the lagoon, wave spot and town. kitesurf online mag for wind chasers, oceanlovers & adventurepreneurs 🌍 by kite addict, graphic designer & digital nomad Miriam 🌴, This website is using cookies to ensure you get the best experience on our website. So yes, kitesurf Dakhla Maroc! Low season (November-March) means lighter wind and few hours a day but comes with great waves as this is Morocco’s wave season! If you’re just coming to surf some waves, you can choose any time inbetween October and March. My conclusion: Dakhla is not really made for Digital Nomads unless you really just want to kite a lot and work a bit on the side, more of a workation. The wind season typically starts in March and runs till mid October, but with over 330 days of wind Dakhla is truely a kite paradise. The club offers group lessons and private sessions too. Most flights from Europe go with Air Maroc via Casablanca to Dakhla (airport code: VIL). Morocco. The location of our ION CLUB windsurfing and kitesurfing centre is on the north-east coast of this peninsula. The Dakhla peninsula (40km long and 4km wide) is perfect for beginners, more advanced kitesurfers and real professionals looking for totally flat water. You can hire it at the club. Kitesurf & surf camp and yoga in the kitesurf paradise Dakhla, Morocco. Dakhla is an absolute wind sensation and brings us fantastic winds all year round! Dakhla Kitesurfing Holiday Season—when to go. L’architecture, la décoration des bungalows, le choix des matériaux … chaque détail a été pensé pour s’intégrer au mieux dans l’environnement. Register today! We offer a breathtaking experience that combines the desert and the sea. Lots to do. So finally it was time to visit that piece of flatwater heaven myself and see what all the buzz was about. Depending on the wind you have flatwater or choppy water with stronger wind in Dakhla lagoon. So finally it was time to visit that piece of flatwater heaven myself and see what all the buzz was about. Located on the Dakhla Lagoon at 28 KM from Dakhla city in South Morocco. The best waves are from October until May, when the wind chance is not the highest, so if you want to kitesurf in the waves the best months are October and March since then the wind chance is still the highest. Some are more basic (tents) and some more luxurious and pricey. Season: open year-round Dakhla awaits you with a huge kite spot – ideal for beginners and sure to be windy: the wind stats promise 320 kiting days per year.The peninsula and lagoon, which separate us from the Atlantic, are a kitesurfer’s dream – but until now, the focus was on kiting holidays and not on accompanying family members and evening activities after the kiting session. The wind can sometimes be a bit gusty but still quite stable and good for progressing or learning kitesurfing.